Remote Patient Monitoring

The Med-IT Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program collects medical and other health data from your patients using digital devices and securely communicates it to your practice via our industry-leading Med-IT care management platform. RPM adds value to your practice by allowing you to provide extra care and attention to a larger number of patients outside of the clinic while reducing the workload on your clinical team and increasing revenue.

More than simply gadgets and data are involved in remote patient monitoring. RPM is required to obtain the desired patient results as well as successful clinical outcomes. The key to success in terms of patient outcomes and clinical success is to combine RPM with a patient engagement approach. Our Med-IT platform offers an integrated continuum of products and services – from hardware to software to clinical staff – to help your practice implement a successful RPM program.

The Med-IT care management platform works with a variety of certified RPM devices, including bluetooth, cellular, HealthKit, and others, to effortlessly transfer health data to our system. Med-IT can assist your practice and patients in making RPM a success by utilising modern AI-driven approaches and expert remote clinical engagement. RPM codes cover one-time patient education (CPT 99453), monthly device connection and data transmission (CPT 99454), and monthly clinician monitoring and assistance (CPT 99455). (CPT 99457). RPM can be purchased separately or quickly added to an existing Med-IT Chronic Care Management (CCM) contract.

Our Approach
Advantages for your Patients
Access to a health coach by phone or in-app
Monitoring and action in the case of illness
The Med-IT app and the RPM devices themselves provide alerts and reminders

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