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Full Remote Care Management Suite

Med-IT Solutions is a rapid rollout of our entire care management platform, with the goal of assisting medical practices in maintaining financial sustainability while also providing remote care to patients.

Certified Clinical Team

Deploy in Days, not Weeks or Months

Programs Design and Implementation

Annual Wellness Visit

Enrollment Support services

Adaptable Service Models

Med-IT Solutions does it all

Med-IT Solutions offers full "clinical programs as a service" to help you assess, manage, and monitor your patients while also generating cash for your practice via fee-for-service codes.Our clinical teams serve as an extension of your practice, providing the following services:

Chronic Care Management

Remote Patient Monitoring

Annual Wellness Visits

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Scalable Care Management Platform

Med-IT Solutions powers care management with technology to support care managers, proactively plan patient engagement and connect patients through the use of Med-IT Solutions or connected devices. 

Using encrypted messaging, digital engagement applications, and integrated dialing, create and manage patient-centered care plans, document and track clinical goals, and communicate with patients.

Integrate and collect patient data with real-time clinic analysis and alerts using EHR integrations, connected devices, and patient engagement apps.

For care management programs, monitor work team efforts, clinical documentation, program compliance, and billing.

Patient Experiences That Influence Outcomes

Designed from the ground up to encourage long-term clinical and patient acceptance.

Setting patient-centered goals promotes long-term participation.

Patient logging and direct digital communications options that are simple to use.

Telephone coaching is supported by online mobile applications.


Patients using the Platform


User generated data points


Return of Investment

Integrated Technology Solutions

To deliver a fully integrated care management system, our care management platform interacts directly with leading EHR systems, analytics tools, and patient devices.

Patient enrollment, care recording, and billing claims may all be fully integrated into your practice workflow using EHR connectors.

For patient support and monitoring, integrated patient devices give real-time health data.

Program goals, patient outcomes, and financial performance can all be measured via analytics and reporting.

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