Patient Engagement

Through telephone outreach and the usage of our patient engagement web, mobile, and messaging applications, Med-IT patient management and engagement technologies provide your clinical staff with effective tools to drive patient engagement.The patient's experience is tailored to their health needs or the program's objectives.


Features that encourage patient participation include:

Online access to the patient's treatment plan and clinical objectives

Health-related devices that are connected

Examining the health of patients

Messages with the care team are encrypted.

Apps for Apple and Android devices are available.

Vitals tracking "QuickLog" with tex3t/email notifications

For advice based on their health profile, they can subscribe to a health content stream.

Secure access to patient engagement applications on the web and on mobile devices.

Self-management reminders and recommendations based on analytics

Apple HealthKit, TouchID, and FaceID integration

Widgets for tracking your health that you can customize

Setting and tracking personal objectives

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